8 Things We Hope the 31st Asean Summit Will Touch On

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8 Things We Hope the 31st Asean Summit Will Touch On

Our Christmas wishlist.

| November 9, 2017

4. A renewed drive towards a student exchange program.

What better way to expose our youth to a globalizing world while keeping them firmly entrenched in their ASEAN roots?


3. Make e-commerce easier for everyone involved.

Lower shipping costs within the ASEAN, better pricing, incentives for dealing, these should all be on the table when e-commerce is discused.


2. Better internet infrastructures.

Jack Ma was correct about exactly one thing: our internet is bad. With a lot of our ASEAN partners having long overcome this hurdle, it’s high time we as a collective sought to make everyone at par with each other in this technological holdup.


1. China.

There is no escaping the elephant that may or may not be in the room. As a group flexing its collective strength, the ASEAN needs to stand strong in keeping China in check.


What do you hope to come out of the ASEAN Summit? Share with us your thoughts below!