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8 Buys for Last-Minute Christmas Presents in Divisoria (For P100 or Less Each)

Treasure finds in the metro.

| December 22, 2016

8 Buys for Last-Minute Christmas Presents in Divisoria

(For P100 or Less Each)

By Tim Henares


Yeah, yeah. The holidays are commercial, it’s turned into Santamas instead of Christmas, bah humbug. We get that. But that doesn’t mean Christmas is going to stop happening for us, and when we have people whose day can be made that much brighter by just a little bit of extra effort, wouldn’t you want to put that effort in?

Well, with a one-day trek in the Divisoria area, here are some presents you can get for 100 pesos or less, and they’re all pretty good.

8. Face Masks

Price: 20PhP

Location: Avenida overpass.

For the health-conscious yet also fashion-conscious, these face masks are adorable.


7. T-Shirts


Price: 100 PhP

Location: 168.

Shirts at a hundred bucks each aren’t exactly the norm nowadays, but these ones look pretty good. The exact same things are available in Greenhills for three to five times the price, so why bother shopping there for the same thing?


6. Character Plates

Price: 50 PhP

Location: Outside of 999.

Ranging from Hello Kitty to Mickey Mouse, these character plates are delightful for eating time for kids!


5. Electric Massager

Price: 80 PhP

Location: Almost every sidewalk in the area.

These are not, ahem, marital aids, and are shaped in a way that nobody would get confused. Still, perfect for those naughty gifts for Monito Monita!

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