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8 Celebrity Weddings This Year That Gave Us Major Envy

Hold me.

| December 20, 2016


8 Celebrity Weddings This Year That Gave Us Major Envy

By Tynne De Leon


The year 2016, among other things, made us believe in love! Lots of celebrities have tied the knot this year, making us believe that love conquers all. Here’s a list of our #weddinggoals courtesy of our favorite personalities:

8. Ali Khatibi and Cristine Reyes


Despite their struggles in the past, this couple still found their way to each other’s arms and were wedded at one of our dream local destination, Balesin. There are a lot of things we loved about it as seen on their wedding video, one is when Ali even crumpled and threw his wedding vow and gave an impromptu speech. We’re still not over it! And damn, Cristine is just too beautiful, we wish we’d be that flawless on our wedding day.


7. Pauleen Luna and Vic Sotto


When people first heard about this couple, no one gave them a chance.  Sotto has been here before, after all. They silenced the naysayers when they finally tied the knot this year. Their wedding video is just too cute to watch, and the genuine smiles of the guests just prove how happy this day was. And I bet you really loved the song in their video, originally written by indie artist Reese Lansangan.


6. Cristalle Belo Henares and Justin Pitt


This elegant nuptial is our #weddinggoal of a grand Italian wedding—the venue is exquisite down to every detail, we can feel the Italian movie vibe and we wanted to experience the wild boat ride (oh, Lake Como!). Everything is just too magical, we wish we could at least attend one like it.


5. Karel Marquez and Sean Farinas


Admit it, you’ve replayed their pre-nup videos several times (best. pre-nup. videos. ever.) and that’s when you started to adore this wonderful couple. Their wedding is filled with emotions, you can almost feel the love through the screen!  Listen to that spoken word poem. Look at all the joy and loving glances at each other. You can’t deny how deep Karel and Sean’s love is for each other. Magsimula tayo sa wakas; sa wakas, magsisimula na tayo.

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