8 Coolest Getaways from Manila

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8 Coolest Getaways from Manila

If you are looking for a quick road trip.

| March 12, 2017


Alcohol has the power to make you forget that taxing things such as deadlines and bills exist. Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa in Antipolo has that same lasting effect, minus the nasty hangover. Reward yourself in this heaven disguised as a resort spa: dip your feet in a fish spa, lounge by the pool with a majestic view, get a sweet calamansi scrub, or take a selfie by the jacuzzi and post it with the hashtag #jacozy. OK, maybe skip the last bit.

TRY THIS: Put your phone down and relax. Facebook can wait.



There are lots to admire at BenCab Museum–from national artist Ben Cabrera’s paintings of Sabel to the view of the sprawling garden and forest outside. Cafe Sabel, a restaurant inside Baguio’s most intriguing museum, does not disappoint and adds to the BenCab experience. Time seems to stand still here, so pick a table and bask in the old Baguio vibe while sipping from a cup of BenCab’s Brew.

TRY THIS: BenCab’s Homemade Longganisa. Longganisa is art.



A shorter drive to Antipolo will take you to Pinto Art Museum, where the artworks extend from the halls all the way to the kitchen. After taking snaps for your feed, take a break at Cafe Tan-Aw and start things off with the Fire Cracker–a hipper and spicier version of the California Maki. The Tuna Tower and the NYC Sandwich are art pieces on their own you’d think they’re part of the exhibit.

TRY THIS: Vigan Pizza. This longganisa pizza will make you sing, “We’ve only just Vigan…”



It is rare that spin-offs get it right like the original (just look at the Friends spin-off Joey). Breakfast at Antonio’s, the early to rise brother of Antonio’s, is that rare gem of a restaurant. The breakfast All-Stars are here–from pancakes to corned beef Roesti to beef tapa. But the biggest star of the place is the concept itself: serving an all-day breakfast in a homey setting overlooking the Taal. It’s the kind of chemistry and magic that could bring families together all the way from Quezon City to the far end of Tagaytay. Something Joey never had.

TRY THIS: Golden Waffle. Add bacon. Enjoy.


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