8 Factors That Contribute To Happiness

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8 Factors That Contribute To Happiness

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| January 31, 2018

8 Factors That Contribute To Happiness

By Patti Sunio

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If there’s anything we learned from this list, it’s that experiences and relationships make up a happy life. And most of the times, happiness isn’t expensive.

Here are 8 factors that bring a smile on our faces, and deep in our hearts:


It’s the human in us. Naturally, our lives are filled with meaning and purpose when we share it with people we truly care about. A life where one has to care for and worry about another is a life that’s filled with love and connectedness. Relationships are, after all, the core of our existence.



Exercises don’t only have positive effects on our body, but our mind, too. The release of endorphins has a consequent physical effect on our well-being and mind, as endorphins are considered our body’s natural painkillers. So whenever we exercise, remember that it makes your overall being a healthier outlook.



Practice kindness every day. It is believed that while it’s a natural human inclination to save oneself and think of oneself, the more you break away from it, the happier you get. The more you give yourself, your time, even your money or blessings to others, the happier–and free–you become. Every day, try to break the habit of thinking of only yourself.



There’s a reason why there are so many dog or cat memes only. They say simply petting your pet already releases happy hormones in your body. But on a deeper level, having a pet to feed and come home to gives one a sense of belonging and responsibility, so much that pets are believed to take away negative feelings of rejection. Not to mention that pets are a reminder of nature’s beauty, too.