8 Apps to Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

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8 Apps to Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

We can’t wait for the app that will brew our coffee for us.

| January 20, 2017

8  Apps to Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

By Baxter Jacinto

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Adhering to fitness goals takes a lot of discipline, but to truly achieve your goals, it’s important that you have the right tools.  And in this day and age, those tools include apps. Here are some fitness apps worth checking out.


Consistently ranking as one of the best fitness apps in the market, MyFitnessPal continues to raise the bar with its recent partnership with Under Armour.

MyFitnessPal boasts a database of more than 5 million recipe, a recipe importer and nutrition barcode. The convenience of easily tracking food intake and exercise allows users to monitor and balance their calories on a daily basis without hiccups.


Couch to 5K

If you want to resign from being a potato couch and start running, then the Couch to 5K app is the thing for you to download. Featuring a free eight-week program, this fitness app provides its users three workouts per week that helps prepare users to reach the 5K finish line.



Personalize your workouts with the amount of time you’ve got whenever, wherever, with the Sworkit app. Simply select the body part you want to train, the amount of time you have at your disposal, and you’re good to go.


PEAR Personal Coach

Working out never gets boring with PEAR, where hundreds of workouts are available. Whether you’re going for a morning run, a late night workout or on the quest in getting that 6-pack abs, PEAR will have the perfect workout anytime, anywhere.