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8 Fitness First Date Ideas

Sweaty bodies are romantic.

| August 11, 2017

5. Biking

A chill first fitness type of date would be a bike around the village, or even to a place such as Nuvali and Tagaytay. If you and your date both have the liking for cycling, then biking outdoors might be a good first date.


6. Jogging

Venue: Bonifacio Global City, University of the Philippines or any jogging spots around the metro.

Another simple fitness first date idea is a jog around the village or even city. Release all those endorphins and stress out while you jog and get to know each other.


7. Yoga

Venue: Yoga+express, Bliss yoga, Onelife studio and yoga studios near you.

Yoga is a type of workout that you and your partner could do to feel relaxed and stress free after a long week. Yes, it’s a quiet type of workout, but if one of you regularly practice yoga, then you would know the entitlement and peace it brights. Who knows, you both may turn out to be yoga buddies.


8. Boxing

Venue: Elorde Boxing Gym (EBG), Makati, Taft, San Juan.

If you’re in the mood to box (of course not each other) or even check out how Muay Thai workout are like, then this might be an idea of a first date for the both of you. Boxing has gained more audience after it has become a workout people enjoy doing. Not only is this a first date idea, but a good way to burn a great amount of calories in one session.


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