8 Funniest Bloopers in the NBA

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8 Funniest Bloopers in the NBA

We rub salt on your NBA-less wound.

| April 21, 2017


Not sure what Nate Robinson’s plan here was, but falling on his face probably wasn’t one of them. Ray Allen’s stinkface reaction says everything.



A flop is a blooper if a) it involves Hollywood-style acting, and b) it worked. Chris Bosh covered both, so he makes the list. He also shot 1 of 18 in this 2011 game, which may have been the bigger blooper.



Postgame press conferences are unscripted and therefore have become a gold mine for bloopers. The players and coaches are tired and required to think on their feet. Results are often bland (unless it’s Gregg Popovich), but sometimes they’re hilarious.



JaVale McGee is doing well now as a Warrior, but he has long been a staple on Shaqtin’ A Fool, a lowlight reel of bloopers in the NBA. McGee recently called out Shaq for constantly picking on him, but with a play like this—going between the legs, hoisting up an ugly jump hook, then aimlessly running to the opposite side of the floor without a care in the world—could you really blame Shaq?


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