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8 Funny Celebrity YouTube Segments to Watch

When your boss is not looking.

| July 17, 2017

5. Wired: Web’s Most Searched Questions

Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal:

Google comes up with the darndest things, but then again, that’s probably because its users look up for the darndest things. Just imagine all the searches that relate to your name if you’re a celebrity – and how outrageously misinformed they can be.


6. Ellen: Never Have I Ever

One Direction:

Think you know everything there is to know about your fave celebrity? Think again! No matter how extensive and far-reaching your “research” might be, the childhood game never have I ever will always reveal secrets. Scamper on into the depths of YouTube and maybe you’ll learn a cheeky thing or two that even the seasoned red carpet interviewers and paparazzi weren’t able to find!


7. Conan: Clueless Gamer

Will Arnett, Nintendo Switch Arms:

In classic Conan commentary, be ready for his candid thoughts and frustrations as he plays the latest video games with celebrity guests. Every punch and attack has an animated reaction, and totally relatable for any time you are trying something new and feeling completely clueless. Great, geeky fun!


8. Late Night With Jimmy Fallon: Google Translate Songs

Anne Hathaway:

Misheard lyrics are bad enough as they are, but imagine translating an English song to a foreign language then translating it back to English for a twisted karaoke session. Marvel at how unreliable online translators can be in conveying your message – but how effective it can be for giving you tons to laugh (and cringe) about!


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