8 #GrabBaes Set to Serenade You with Kilig this Valentine’s Day

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8 #GrabBaes Set to Serenade You with Kilig this Valentine’s Day

The baes are back and they’re cuter than ever!

| February 13, 2018

Chester Padilla

Instagram: @chesterpadilla
Age: 22 | Height: 5’10” | Star sign: Libra

“I’ll always love afternoon road trips on a humid highway,” says our next #GrabBae. “To sit next to that girl as I tour her downtown and out of the metro. I’ll drive her to the beach, we’ll watch as the sun sets low, I’ll make her feel safe.”

For Chester, being a #GrabBae means a lot. “It’s not just about serenading someone or making them smile, it’s about making an impact and reminding them of how beautiful they are. It’s about giving them the best Valentines to remember for the rest of the year.” His idea of romance is having dinner beneath a star-lit sky and he prefers women who are consistent, family-oriented, and intellectually-challenging.


Nico Fowler

Model, Actor, Event Host/VJ
Instagram: @akoposinico
Age: 22 | Height: 5’11” | Star sign: Aquarius

Italian-Canadian actor, model and event host Nico is an expert at entertaining crowds. He says he’s good at adapting to different scenarios and connecting with people. “To impress a girl, I would drive her to a skating rink, tie her skates on for her and hold her hand as we skated.” His ideal road trip would be driving an old Chevy Camero with The Beach Boys playing.

The most important thing Nico looks for in a girl is how kind she is to him and to the people around them. “She of course has to be beautiful inside and out and have a good sense of humor.” An avid user of Grab, Nico says the app is easy to use and is always reliable. He uses it a few times per day and is important for making him get to all his castings/jobs on time.


Justin Torio

Brand Ambassador
Instagram: @justintorio
Age: 21 | Height: 5’8 | Star sign: Gemini

“I’m very good at making pa-cute,” #GrabBae Justin shares. “That’s what qualifies me to be a #GrabBae. I am a professional pa-cute. For me it is a responsibility. Just as how Grab is responsible for their passenger’s safety and convenience, we as #GrabBaes are responsible for the Grab users’ happiness and making them feel special on that occasion.”

Justin’s hobbies include basketball & online games and considers his sense of humor as one of his best qualities. Mackenzie Basin, New Zealand, to him, would be the perfect destination. “Because it’s great for stargazing. It will make you realize how big the universe is and the endless possibilities it offers.”


Aljun Cayawan

Instagram: @nujlan
Age: 25 | Height: 5’9 | Star sign: Sagittarius

“I am into modeling, singing, and I love joining male pageants,” #GrabBae Aljun shares. His best qualities include being flexible, versatile, socially responsible, and having a keen interest in Philippine culture. Aside from signing, Aljun also knows how to do rituals from his tribe and is adept at playing tribal instruments.

He finds holding hands while walking romantic and to impress a girl, he would most likely drive her to church. According to him, Grab makes his life convenient and secure.



Your Valentines Bae is Just a Grab Away!

Aside from solving real world transportation problems, Southeast Asia’s leading ride-hailing platform is constantly seeking for ways to keep things light and fun for people. “Here at Grab, we want to bring people closer to things that matter to them. This Valentine’s Day, we want them to feel extra special. We want them to feel loved,” shares Cindy Toh, Grab Philippines’ Country Marketing Head.

From last year’s 20, Grab has now expanded its roster to 30 #GrabBaes, each with their own distinct charm that are sure to make you feel ‘kilig’ the moment they hand you chocolates, flowers, and your Valentine’s serenade. What’s more, Grab enlisted the help of Richard Juan and Ruru Madrid to stand in as this year’s official celebrity #GrabBaes tasked with spreading kilig this season.

To book a Regular GrabBae, follow these steps:

  1. Open the GrabRewards catalogue in your Grab app.
  2. From Feb 8 to 14, redeem GrabBae reward from the GrabRewards catalogue for only 143 points to be able to book a #GrabBae on Valentine’s (Feb 12 to 14)
  3. Only Grabbers who redeemed #GrabBae reward will be qualified to book through the #GrabBae special icon on Feb 12 to 14. Remember, each reward can only be used once.
  4. When booking, enter the same pick-up and drop off points – make sure it’s within Ortigas, Makati, or BGC CBDs.
  5. Confirm booking!
  6. Wait for the confirmation that you got a #GrabBae
  7. Get ready to be serenaded!

To qualify for the raffle that gives you a chance to book a Celebrity GrabBae, follow these steps:

  1. Open the GrabRewards catalogue in your Grab app.
  2. From February 8 – 12, look for the GrabBaeRichard or GrabBae Ruru reward icons (300 pts) in the catalogue and tap Purchase.
  3. Tap Confirm to complete redemption
  4. Each reward redemption is considered one raffle entry. You will get a chance to be one of the lucky 10 passengers who get to be serenaded by your chosen #GrabBae!
  5. You will be asked to fill up your details through a Typeform.
  6. On February 12, winners will be announced.
  7. The serenade will happen on Feb 13.
  8. The more you redeem, the more chances of meeting your favorite #GrabBae celebrity!


Grab is here to bring you closer to things that matter to you—and for Valentine’s Day, it’s love. This is your chance to experience kilig like never before, courtesy of #GrabBae.