8 Great Games on PC for Less Than P800

Hard work pays off later. Games pay off now.

| July 3, 2018


P649.95 on Steam, currently P552.45 (15% off) until July 6

This critically acclaimed city builder and crisis management sim tasks you with managing humanity’s last refuge from an apocalyptic winter. Beautiful graphics, atmospheric sound and stunningly precise design will have you shivering with your every decision.


Monster Prom

P349.95 on Steam, currently 297.45 (15% off) until July 6

This visual novel dating game meets tabletop board game casts you as a young monster looking for love in all the wrong faces. As the prom approaches, it’s up to you to say all the right things and pull all the right moves to win a date – and maybe even the love – with the monster of your heart’s desire.


Rocket League

P499.95 on Steam, currently P249.97 (50% off) until July 6

Rocket League is basically if Burnout and FIFA had a baby. It’s this generation’s biggest multiplayer game ever, with over forty million players. Developer Psyonix also worked to ensure that all Rocket League players, whether on Xbox, Switch or PC can play together making it a united fandom.



P 449.95 on Steam, currently P179.98 (60% off) until July 6

In this action sports role-playing game from the makers of Bastion and Transistor, you and a band of exiles play in the Rites, a sort of cosmic football. With each victory, you come closer to enlightenment and freedom from a forsaken land. Compelling characters and multiple endings make this one special.


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