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8 Indie Films That Tackle Social Issues

The way MMFF is shaping up, these may be worth a revisit.

| July 14, 2017

4. Laut (2016)

Laut tells the story of an indigenous family in Zamboanga who happens to be resettled by the government in Pampanga. They were then forced to beg on the streets just to survive.

Director Louie Ignacio wanted to show the story behind the indigenous people that we see begging in the streets.


3. Whistleblower (2016)

Whistleblower is about a financial consultant who found a new job, only to find out that the person she works for is a scammer who built a fake NGO to get money.


2. The Janitor (2014)

The Janitor is  about a suspended police officer who was tasked to kill the perpetrators of a bank heist gone horribly wrong. But as he kills the people in the list, he realizes he was not a police officer anymore, but has instead become a hitman.


1. Ma’ Rosa (2016)

Ma’ Rosa tells of a  small-scale illegal drug distribution that permeate the dingy streets and back alleys of the urban jungle. Director Brilliante Mendoza tackles in this film quite a lot of issues— poverty, corruption, and the unending war on drugs.  In the Cannes Film Festival of 2016, Jaclyn Jose bagged the best actress award for her role in this movie.


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