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8 Little Things You Can Do To Have an Eco-Friendly Year

Whether you think it’s round or not.

| January 12, 2018

5. Shop for amplifiers at Loudbasstard

Electricity empowered speakers are too mainstream! This sound amplifier is made of bamboo and handcrafted by Cebuano artisans. Loudbasstard is an eco-friendly gadget which acts as a natural amplifier, you just need to insert your phone into the slot and the bamboo’s cuplike shape will do the rest.  Shop for their products here.


6. Patronize eco-friendly beauty products

Human Nature not only makes your skin feel good, it also makes the earth feel good, and by extension, your heart. Their line of beauty and skincare products (which have now evolved to include home care and lifestyle) reflect their stand as responsible stewards of nature.

Venus and Mars Naturals, or better known as V&M Naturals, is the first Emu oil-based skin care line in the Philippines. They offer facial care and bath and body products for every skin type.

Leiania House of Beauty is another skin care brand that offers products 100% natural and organic. Their products include handcrafted soaps, moisturizers, hair care, body care and natural cosmetics.


7. Get into Aquaponics

Grow your own vegetables in the comfort of your home! Aquaponics is a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics or raising fish and growing plants in water. In other words, it grows both fish and plant in one system. The plants act as a natural water filter for the fish while the fish waste acts as an organic food source for the plants.

You can grow any leafy lettuce, basil, kale, and many more in your home. You can also start small and build an aquaponics system via a mason jar or an aquarium. Read more about building a DIY aquaponics system here or you can buy products here.


8. Shop at ECHOstore

ECHOstore is the first concept store of its kind in the Philippines, it’s also fast growing into our go-to store for natural and eco-friendly products. Their shelves both physical and online have everything you would ever need. From skincare, beauty products, home essentials, books, food, you name it, they have it! For your convenience, you can shop for their products online here.


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