8 Memorable Cellphone Designs That Will Make You Go WTF!?


8 Memorable Cellphone Designs That Will Make You Go WTF!?

Remember when mobile phones came in—literally—different shapes and sizes? Tech blogger extraordinaire Jayvee Fernandez shows you 8 examples.

| May 21, 2013

8 Memorable Cellphone Designs That Will Make You Go WTF!?

8 Memorable Cellphone Designs That Will Make You Go WTF!?
I‘ve been reviewing phones for a decade. You know what I miss? Mobile phones with shitty designs. Believe it or not, kids: before the iPhone’s design was copied by literally ALL mobile phone manufacturers, an IT journalist had a field day reviewing the weirdest phone designs. And you know what? A part of me misses those days.

Without further ado, here are 8 of the weirdest phone designs that will make you go “OMG, I remember those! WTF!”

” Nokia 3650 “

OK I’ll admit. Despite the WTF design of the rotary dial, I still saw many people walk the streets of Makati with this particular unit. Mind you, the regular numerical keypad was already invented years in advance so we’re not sure why Nokia reverted to this. In spite of all that, I was ace in SMS with this thing. Give it to me today, and I think I can still pull off typing messages at a fast pace.

WTF mobilephone- 8v

” Nokia N-Gage “

It reallty sucked if you were left handed because the keypad was all the way to the right. I mean, I had to grip the whole left side with the palm of my hand and reach out with my thumb to text with this thing. The N-Gage was Nokia’s first foray into video games on your mobile phone, a precursor to games we have on our Android and iOS devices so we have to give them credit for that.

It was pretty neat as a portable gaming machine but crappy for SMS!

WTF mobilephone-7v

” Siemens SX1 “

I remember watching the PR person grope with words as to explain why this phone was innovative. The SX1 was the first phone outside Nokia in the Philippines to make use of the popular Symbian S60 OS (which was used in the 7650 and the 3650). It was the perfect size – compact, professional and robust and overall, looked like a winner. Except for the really stupid oversight of putting the numbers on the edge of the phone and all the other buttons (that you rarely use!) up front and center. Frankly I think this was some engineer’s April Fool’s joke taken way too far.

WTF mobilephone-6v

” Nokia 7280 “

Oh come on.

I can’t even..

Sure, people were inspired by the rotary design of the iPod at that time but this is ridiculous. The 7280 was supposedly a high-fashion “phone” that communicated the eccentricities of the fashionista. The rotary wheel would be your one stop shop to navigating the UI and all 26 letters of the alphabet. It would take you at least 2 minutes to reply to a message saying “K.”

Oh one good selling point: the VGA camera. It made you look like a spyyyyyyyy!!!

WTF mobilephone-5v

” Panasonic G70 “

Just like the Nokia 3650, the G70 had a rotary keypad. According to Panasonic, this phone was supposed to be worn (by women) around your neck and not kept in your bag. Which is why when closed it had a teardrop jewel design and a  bail to pass a chain through. Oh when opened it’s supposed to resemble a make up kit.


WTF mobilephone-4v

” Sony Ericsson S700 “

While Nokia lovers had the 3650, Sony Ericsson gave its users the S700. Frankly there was nothing wrong with this phone’s design, save that everytime you had to use it, you’d have to slide the phone sidewards to open it up. I personally liked to keep it in the shape of a “V” and pretend I was Batman during my idle time because one thing this phone didn’t have was Snake.

WTF mobilephone-3v

” Motorola V Box “

OMG it’s so cute! I’ve never seen a full keypad crammed to tightly into a phone. Although about the size of a clamshell (OMG, did I just say “clamshell?” nobody uses that form-factor terminology anymore), the V Box opens up to reveal a full functioning keyboard and D-pad. What could you do with it? Call and text.

WTF mobilephone-2v

” ACER DX650 “

You know what’s interesting about this smartphone? It was released AFTER the iPhone came out. The ACER DX650 had two “fronts.” On one side was the full touch screen you normally find in smartphones today and the “back” side had an old school feature phone w/ number pad for texting. Pretty neat, right?

WTF mobilephone-1v