8 Miss Universe 2017 Advocacies that Prove It’s More than Just a Pageant

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8 Miss Universe 2017 Advocacies that Prove It’s More than Just a Pageant

Confidently beautiful with a heart. And a purpose.

| November 28, 2017

Individuality in the time of social media (Miss Philippines)

Social media is a mad world that affects how we see the world and, more importantly, ourselves. Miss Philippines Rachel Peters wants people to celebrate their individuality by embracing and cultivating your passions and beliefs amidst the noise and pressure of the online world.


Persons with disabilities (Jamaica)

At a young age of 21, Miss Jamaica Davina Bennett has already started a foundation to help Jamaica’s deaf community: the Davina Bennett Foundation for the Deaf. She believes that there is a lot of potential with these people despite their difficulties, and she hopes to help create a sign language app in the future to further break the stigma of hearing loss.


Teenage pregnancy (Miss Thailand)

Teenage pregnancy is a growing problem in Thailand. In fact, it has the second highest teenage pregnancy rate in Southeast Asia. With this, Miss Thailand Maria Poonlertlap wants to promote sex education for the teens for their health and safety.


Self-defense against sexual harassment (Miss South Africa – Miss Universe 2017)

Another issue that is important to every woman is sexual harassment, especially now with the recent waves of sexual allegations of famous personalities in the U.S. The new Miss Universe from South Africa, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, hopes to address this, and she has helped develop a program to train women in self-defense.


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