8 of the Most Notable and Bizarre Moments of ASEAN 2017

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8 of the Most Notable and Bizarre Moments of ASEAN 2017

So far.

| November 14, 2017

Hero or Villain?

Depending on your disposition at the time of the horrendous traffic jam, you either raised your fist in victory or in fury over what Maria Isabel Lopez did. We may or may not have done what she did under the same circumstance. But we would definitely not post it on social media and gloat about it.


No Invite

Speaking of breaking protocols, it has been an established custom in the country for the Vice President to be the one to receive guests on such gatherings as the ASEAN. In keeping with the new world order, the VP was sidelined on this occasion. She was invited though on the opening and closing ceremonies, and will be delivering a keynote speech in the ASEAN Investment and Business Summit .


No Invite pt 2

Duterte diehard (there’s no other way around it) Sass Sasot confronted BBC reporter Jonathan Head about her perceived manipulation of the international news agency in interviewing Duterte critic and blogger Jover Laurio. Sasot insinuated that the BBC was approached by a powerful group to have Laurio interviewed. While we may question the choices any news agency might have on their interview subjects, it’s pretty much a stretch when one argues that they have much more followers than the one interviewed. Besides, we’re pretty sure getting up in the face of journalists is not the way to get yourself featured.


Trudeau is our Beau




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