8 Other Places We Have Discovered #LeniLeaks

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8 Other Places We Have Discovered #LeniLeaks

The plot thickens.

| January 11, 2017

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It’s all the rage today in anyone who thinks rumor-mongering is something we should get all huffed up about, this #LeniLeaks thing. Essentially, an email thread on YahooGroups(!), of all places, turned up what people insist is an ouster plot rife with sedition, and insisted on linking it to the vice president despite no evidence whatsoever.

If all these rumors are to be held true, then the beleaguered VP certainly had a pretty busy year: she apparently cheated an election while leaving her running mate with nothing, got pregnant at 52 years of age, did nothing in her functionally ceremonial role as spare tire, attended rallies calling for the resignation of the president, is planning an ouster of the president with zero military support, all while posing for two, count ‘em, two magazine covers. Not six, since those other cover shoots were well before she became vice president. Two. Which is half the number of covers the president has been on since being elected, but you don’t hear people calling him lazy for doing those shoots.

Sexism? Double standards? Frailties of a woman? Who knows, really? In the end, one thing sticks out in this whole affair like a sore thumb: the fact that apparently, in 2017,  Yahoo! Groups is still a thing, and this might mean that the super-secret, super-powerful cabal pulling the strings to get the Liberal Party back in power despite most of its members already jumping ship to President Duterte’s party is so smart that they depend on Yahoo Groups and keep it public, like some amazing mishmash of super-smart yet hyper-incompetent enemies of change.

The thing is…they’re apparently correct. Thanks to our amazing powers of investigation, we have discovered #LeniLeaks in all sorts of places. Places like…

8. Edsa Mail

Ang tanging EDSA na mabilis.

At a mere 1 peso per day, Edsa Mail allowed you to email like there was no tomorrow, and without requiring you to stay on dial-up for oh so long!

Given these excellent conditions for secrecy and distinct lack of need for connectivity, is it any surprise that #LeniLeaks would end up here?


7. Angelfire

Nothing  says elegance quite like a Marquee.

As a free host for budding website developers in the late ‘90s, Angelfire truly allowed for some memorable websites. Well, one of those websites contains the plans to oust the president, we’re sure!




Viber? Pffft. Whatsapp? Bah. If you want to have a secure conversation while you are plotting to overthrow the government, MIRC is the place to go. Just make sure to go to the #WeH8Du30 chatroom, and you’re all set!


5. Friendster

Have you seen Loida’s testi for Leni yet? It’s a doozy!