8 Other Things Happening On February 14

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8 Other Things Happening On February 14


| February 13, 2018

Thunder vs Cavs

Are you an NBA fan? Then go check out one of the most exciting matchups in the entire league: LeBron James and his brand new Fantasy Team, up against Melo, Russ, and PG! It’s sure to be an exciting contest, unless one of them blows out the other, which is something you don’t expect to happen to you tonight, sorry.


Ferris Wheel Day

Did you know that Feb 14 is National Ferris Wheel Day? Now you know, and that’s the perfect excuse to ride one on this day!


Krazy for Sweets 3rd Wheel Promo

Are you the martyr type who keeps being the 3rd wheel to your couple friends? Well, today is your day to enjoy Krazy For Sweets, because you, yes you, get unlimited dessert if you can bring a pair of friends who happen to be together. Make sure they follow the mechanics, and you can drown your sorrows in a sugar overload.

Krazy For Sweets is located in Grand Residences Espana 2. Enjoy!


Black Panther’s Opening Day

Catch the most hyped Marvel Movie not named Infinity War on Feb 14. Movie date completely optional!


Tell us about your Valentine’s Day!