8 Proofs of Metro Manila’s Urban Design Fail

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8 Proofs of Metro Manila’s Urban Design Fail

When your public officials don’t love you back.

| February 28, 2017

5. This unreliable stoplight countdown


Should we stop? Should we go? Quit playing games with our hearts!


6. That hazardous, old-school way of cleaning the roads

In this modern day and age, our street cleaners are still wielding karitons, dodging cars at rush hour, and inhaling more than their fair share of polluted air.


7. The lack of open space

Us: It’s not me, it’s you. Ayaw mo kong bigyan ng space!
Metro Manila: Eh kasi wala na talaga!


8. The daily hellish traffic

Whenever we find ourselves thinking traffic can’t get any worse than it already is, somehow it manages to prove us wrong. Aray ko beh.


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