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8 Reasons to Watch “Ang Larawan”

Well. there was one gem.

| January 5, 2018

5. A good time to revisit the classics

The original play by Nick Joaquin was written in English, and was turned into a black-and-white film in 1965, directed by national artist for film Lamberto Avellana. It starred Daisy Hontiveros-Avellana as Candida, Naty Crame-Rogers as Paula and Vic Silayan as Bitoy Camacho, among others. The film was recently restored by Italy’s L’Immagine Ritrovata, through the efforts of the Film Development Council of the Philippines and filmmaker Mike De Leon. Believe us, you’d want to revisit this version after seeing “Ang Larawan.”


6. An opportunity to brush up on your Spanish

Spanish is such a very seductive and interesting language, and has permeated our present vocabulary more than we realize. Still, there are several Spanish terms Filipinos have since dropped from everyday usage, but would be quite fascinating to hear and revisit. “Ang Larawan” is filled with Spanish terminologies, as is typical of the 1940s. We recommend you see the film so that the next time you get invited to a lavish tertulya and asked to proceed to the comedor, you’d actually know where to go.


7. Boy Yñiguez’s stunning cinematography and Marilen Magsaysay’s magic

Boy Yñiguez, who also shot “Kita Kita” and “Last Night,” two of the most eye-pleasing movies of 2017, renders one beautiful frame after another in “Ang Larawan.” The visual compositions always have dramatic depth, and even the blackout scene was stunningly lit. Closeups of Joanna Ampil, particularly during the second and third act add intensity to the story. Meanwhile, colorist Marilen Magsaysay adds a touch of vibrance to the film’s visual look, with the daylight scenes popping up like a real bright sunny day.


8. “Contra Mundum”

“Contra Mundum,” translates to “defy the world.” Among other things, “Ang Larawan” challenges its viewers to defy limits and expectations. Heck, the film itself defied odds when it entered the MMFF, losing several theaters on its second day, but eventually getting them back and more after winning major awards and with word-of-mouth spreading like wildfire.


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