8 Reasons Why Umaasa ka pa rin sa Kanya, According to “I’m Drunk, I Love You.”

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8 Reasons Why Umaasa ka pa rin sa Kanya, According to “I’m Drunk, I Love You.”

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| February 21, 2017

Close kayo ng parents niya


Because if you’re on the “Tito/Tita” level of closeness with your future in-laws, then they should be persuading their child to consider dating you!


Nasasabayan niya yung jokes mo


You don’t find many people who share the same humor as you.


Andami niyo nang pinagdaanan together


Surely all those car rides, classroom embarrassments, spontaneous adventures, and moments of happiness and depression mean something to them as much as these mean to you.


Wala siyang  katulad


It’s difficult to find anyone else who will make your heart race and your speech incomprehensible the way your crushie would. No one else can make you laugh with their silly jokes, make you swoon over their musical or artistic talent, make you go all the way to the metro from the province because they want to hang out, make you suck up all the pain inside when they’re with someone else because their happiness is more important to you…

Because if you’ve found “The One”, how do you find the courage to let them go so easily?


What are other reasons why you think you haven’t moved on? Share your stories with us below!

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