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8 Reasons Why Victor Magtanggol is Eliciting Epic Eyerolls

Wala sa pana yan. Wait…

| July 5, 2018

4. We actually beat them to the joke – except they weren’t joking.

When    Alyas Robin Hood     came out, we poked fun at the idea of TV shows they could rip off next, and even came up with this:


Remember, we made this post in 2016, nearly two years before we ever saw this:


But wait, there’s more! In the same 8List, what was our first suggestion?


Is that Alden Richards playing a lightning-based superhero? Why, yes it is!


3. Wait, what? Another electricity-based superhero?!?

So instead of ripping off another DC superhero in   The Flash,   they went with Marvel’s Thor this time, but decided that the lightning thing wasn’t such a bad idea after all, as if Ai Ai’s   Volta,   Wansapanataym’s    Kuryente Kid,   Batang X’s   KidLat,    Armando Goyena’s     Kapitan Kidlat,    and Derek Ramsay’s    Kidlat    didn’t already exist in Filipino superhero history.

You could have gone with a brand new superhero with a name that doesn’t harken to lightning and thunder, but noooooo. On a scale of 1 to Tito Sotto, that is a level of unoriginality that you practically need to strive for.


2. That godawful theme song.

“Handa ‘kong ibigay lahat ng bagay sa iyo…” Ex-Battalion is so hellbent on proving they’re not just a one-hit wonder, they’re willing to collaborate with anyone who can sing better than them. And yes, Alden is pretty much the second best part of this song, next to all the Autotune sparing us from the pain of hearing Ex-B try “singing” anything live. Maybe they should’ve stuck to their strongest suit instead: Philosophy.


1. It’s just the latest in a line of half-baked ideas.

To earn the goodwill and benefit of the doubt for us to not eyeroll on instinct at Victor Magtanggol, you have to pretend that    Sherlock Jr.,     Sirkus,     Alyas Robin Hood,     and chunks of     The Cure    never even happened in the last couple of years. And while ABS-CBN’s     Bagani     practically embraced its inaccuracies to the point of self-parody, the fact that GMA still treats its “properties” with any level of seriousness instead of just rolling with it with tongue firmly in cheek simply means we are in store for yet another self-important yet ultimately irrelevant attempt at entertainment.

The fact that GMA seems to only listen to the fans who think they can do no wrong (Y’know, the same fans who insisted   Sherlock Jr.     was “great,” only to see the show canceled after three months?) also means that their echo chamber will never force them to improve. Victor is just another symptom of the malaise that ails the network in this drought of creativity they are going through.



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