8 Reasons Why You Should Give Kettlebell Workout a Try

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8 Reasons Why You Should Give Kettlebell Workout a Try

Para sa new you this summer!

| February 20, 2018

5. It’s quite budget friendly.

You may have to shell out a few thousand bucks for kettlebells, but they’re definitely worth the investment. “They’re sturdy, versatile, easy to carry around, and relatively cheap for something that could last a lifetime. You won’t regret investing in them,” Nat reassured.

6. It can make you strong and improve your endurance.

It’s a combination of strength and cardio, all in one go. That means more parts of your body are working hard, plus your metabolism is getting a boost as well. What’s more, you don’t necessarily bulk up; you become lean and powerful.

7. It teaches humility.

“Every kettlebell lifter knows that everyone has to start with the lightest bell. We know that it’s not about how heavy we lift, but how long we can actually last, with of course, proper form,” Nat said.


8. It’s actually fun!

It’s fun on its own, and it’s also an interesting addition to your current program. There are several variations that you can try at your preferred location. Moreover, if you decide to get into it more seriously, there’s a small but solid community you can be a part of. Check out Kettlebellista HQ or Powerhouse Gym, two of the most notable gyms for kettlebell workouts and kettlebell sport training.


Photos courtesy of Powerhouse Gym (https://www.facebook.com/powerhousegymph/) or Kettlebellista (http://kettlebellista.com/) now! Ready to give kettlebell workout a try? Get in touch with these gyms now!