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8 Scenarios Only Skinny People Will Understand

Intermittent fasting? Ano yun?

| July 5, 2018

5. A non-reaction to your “weight gain”

Maybe you’ve been skinny all your life, but there are still certain phases when you were slightly less skinny or even skinnier. High school may probably be a stressful period and you lost weight then, and when you finally started earning your own money, you kind of gained back the weight—and even put on some more. Surprise, surprise, no one’s going to believe you.

6. Being on the receiving end of food donations.


The world automatically thinks you’re in need of food. Can’t finish the extra bag of chips a co-worker bought? It’s offered to the skinniest in the room, a.k.a. you. Sleeping over at your friend’s house? Your friend’s mom, dad, brother, sister, and helper automatically gives you just so. much. food. Plus take-home baon.


7. Having been told “Sa’yo nalang fats ko!


This usually happens when two ~relatively~ overweight people are talking about their supposed “fats”. They survey the room and look for a skinny person. They assume you have extra space in your body to store more fats and say wishful things such as transferring their excess fats onto you.

8. Having people guess your size, waistline, weight, etc.


When you go shopping with a friend and you ask for an XS, they are shookt to the core. Your friend will declare that he or she has never met anyone as tiny as you and continue marvelling at your petite frame. He or she may also spread the rumor that your waistline is only a mere 18 inches.


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