8 Signs “Cobra Kai” is for You

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8 Signs “Cobra Kai” is for You

Cobra Kai never dies.

| May 14, 2018

4. Are you tired of seeing things in black and white?

While not quite achieving 50, there are tons of shades of grey in this series, as neither Johnny nor Daniel are truly 100% in the right, and neither are their respective protege’s. It’s perfectly plausible to root for Cobra Kai or Miyagi-Do this time around without the show forcing you one way or the other.


3. Did you hate Jaden Smith’s version?

Despite the fact that Will Smith is one of the producers of this show, his son is nowhere to be found. We’d happily have him cameo though if it means he gets quickly beaten down by any of the newer Karate Kids. Just sayin’.


2. Do you want to see a redemption story?

It’s frigging Johnny Lawrence’s story, even if Daniel LaRusso is also right there for the ride. It’s a redemption story that absolutely resonates with anyone who can relate to good ol’ Johnny.


1. Are you ready for even more Karate Kid?

Let’s face it: even without Mr. Miyagi (RIP, Pat Morita), the Karate Kid franchise is really in a great position thanks to Cobra Kai, and the show makes it possible for future seasons to happen. If you think 300 minutes of Karate Kid still ain’t enough for you, then you need to watch Cobra Kai to guarantee that second season.


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