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8 Species That are Nearing Extinction


| April 11, 2018

Sumatran tiger

This smallest surviving tiger subspecies only has about 400 in existence today. Anti-poaching and anti-hunting laws have been made to protect them (you can be jailed and fined a great amount), but the attempts remain because the market for tiger parts and products continues to thrive in Sumatra and across Asia.


Eastern lowland gorilla


Back in the mid-1990s, there were still about 17,000 eastern lowland gorillas in existence. But today, due to years and years of civil unrest and violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo, its population is believed to have decreased by 50%. Rebels and poachers continue to endanger their species.


Hawksbill turtle

The hawksbill turtle are quite a sight, with a distinct pattern of overlapping scales on their shells. It is primarily because of their uniquely designed shells that put them at risk, as there continues to be a market for tortoiseshells. The hawksbill turtles are representative of the group of reptiles that have been in existence for a hundred million years.


Chinese giant salamander

The world’s largest amphibian used to be a common sight in Central, Southwestern, and Southern Chine. However, the Chinese giant salamander has been pushed to extinction, due to habitat loss, excessive hunting, and over-exploitation and use as a food source.


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