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8 Sugarfree Songs that Have Become Our Life’s Anthems

Wag ka nang umiyak.

| January 11, 2018

4. Mariposa

If you’re single and tired of being alone, “Mariposa” is your anthem. You can feel Ebe Dancel’s emotions when he sings the last line – “Ayoko nang mag-isa” – an honest outcry that feels so good to hear (and sing-along with).


3. Tulog Na

There’s something about this song that feels so comforting; like a lullaby that hugs you to sleep. This song has become your armor whenever you feel like the world is gnawing at you. And it still is.


2. Burnout

“Burnout” is an ode to a love that has lost its flame, with heartbreaking lyrics hiding behind an upbeat melody. It’s the perfect song that you always play when you’re at the beach staring at the waves, with a cold beer in hand. The slow version sang by Johnoy Danao, Bullet Dumas and Ebe Dancel also triggers that feeling of heartache, making you wonder how such song can make you vulnerable.


1. Kung Ayaw Mo Na Sa Akin

When you listen to this song again today, it feels like a time warp to that love you thought you won’t get over, and yet you did.  It’s the song you love singing during karaoke nights with friends, whether you’re still heartbroken or you’ve finally moved on.


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