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8 Things to Do While You’re #Gradwaiting

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| September 13, 2017

8 Things to Do

While You’re #Gradwaiting

By Nicole Ganglani

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Being on the gradwaiting phase of your college life is probably the most fun part of your stay and experience. Gone are the demanding requirements, thesis, and basically the hustle and bustle of going to school daily. Now that all those are set aside, and you’re looking for what to do during the free time you have, here are eight suggestions you can do before you officially go through the #Adulting and “big world” phase.

1. Browse for a job

Start looking for job openings and your ideal type of work after you graduate. It’s never too early to set your mind to what you want to do for the rest of your life. After all, being employed might just be a positive edge for you right after you march.


2. Start with the #Adulting papers Fix SSS, PHILHEALTH, government papers

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Working with your SSS, Philhealth and government papers is not a bad idea as this is indeed the most downright #adulting task you can do. Working with all these as soon as possible will indeed help you a lot in the future so might as well start early and while you still have so much time in your hands.


3. Travel

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They say you learn best when you’re out and about traveling. Fill in those bum days as you go on an adventure (maybe even by yourself) from one place or country to another. While you have that “estudyante pa lang” perk, make the most of it by going around the metro, or if you’re lucky, the world.


4. Research

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Really, more studying? Why not though? This might sound a bit too nerdy, but learning never stops and you only get better as you push yourself to do so. Go read more books, studies (whether they’re related to your degree or not), attend seminars and workshops or find something that will help expand your knowledge even if that means reading the newspaper daily now with the amount of time you have.