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8 Things You Can Do to Level Up Your Life

About time, don’t you think?

| July 10, 2017

Enroll in seminars and classes

Maybe you like where you are career-wise, but there’s always room for improvement! Jumpstart your journey towards that eventual success by taking active steps in becoming a better employee! Enroll in programs that teach you skills and information you could use to your advantage.

It doesn’t have to be career-related too! You can apply to online classes or weekend seminars that revolve around your hobbies and passions. Just don’t be afraid to learn new things to become a better you!


Travel to lesser-known destinations

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Do you have Japan, Taiwan, New York, London, or South Korea on your travel bucket list? Well, so does everybody. There’s so much more to be discovered in the world that may give you a more holistic and unique experience than such tourist-ridden countries! Why not discover the temple ruins of Myanmar? Or trek the mountains of Laos? Or perhaps the hidden getaways to be found near Metro Manila? Perhaps through doing this, you may inspire others to take the road less traveled too!


Befriend a stranger

We don’t mean that you should start talking to people randomly on the street, though! Strike up conversations with strangers you meet at gigs, in class, or at parties. In this age, it really does make a difference to start building connections with people face to face. Who knows, you might meet someone who’ll turn out to be one of the best people you’ll ever have in your life!


Level up your flavor palette with all new tastes

You might not realize that the flavors you’ve grown to love aren’t always the best. In colloquial terms, “nakakaumay na” after some time. Why settle for less in terms of taste when you can get for yourself greater and more flavorful food? Switch out your bland go-to eats with something much more exciting. It could be as simple as switching out your artificial drinks with fresh fruit juices, or your tasteless crackers with La Pacita Supreme Flakes, a more buttery snack alternative at the same affordable price!

Just pack it in your bag and bring it out whenever you need to satisfy your stomach and pleasure your taste buds. Because you deserve nothing less than the flavorful best!


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