8 Things You Have to Do in San Francisco

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8 Things You Have to Do in San Francisco

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| March 3, 2018

Sip on Hot Chocolate in Sausalito

Sausalito is on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s its own little fancy pretty town with the most beautiful (and expensive) classic San Francisco houses, overpriced souvenir shops, and ice cream parlors. We’d consider it pretty romantic too, so bring a date along, sit by the water, and cuddle up with a nice cup of hot cocoa.


Check out the view from Treasure Island

Treasure Island is literally an island between Oakland and San Francisco city — which has a breathtaking view of the city skyline. It’s only a 10 minute drive from San Francisco city, and they have a really yummy brunch spot that’s worth checking out at the back of the island called Aracely Cafe. On the last weekend of every month, they also have a flea market which in fact, has lots of treasure!


Have Brunch & Beer in Hayes Valley

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In Hayes Valley, you can find high-end boutique shops, outdoor beer gardens, loads of craft coffee, and the most heavenly brunch places. Begin your day in Hayes Valley with a trendy brunch, then get yourself a craft latte from one of the coffee trucks, then move on to a beer garden — sip your beer, and people watch. To us, that sounds like a super chill day.


Walk Around Downtown San Francisco

Downtown SF is home to Union Square, the cable car turn-around, and many other tourist spots. The streets are hill-y and filled with tall, interestingly shaped buildings, which makes it really easy to get lost, especially in the Financial District. However, keep walking, and you’re sure to stumble upon the city’s hidden gems. San Francisco undoubtedly has so many of them.


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