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8 Times You’re Allowed To Splurge

You deserve it!

| July 10, 2018

5. When that New Gadget You’ve Been Eyeing for Months is Now Available

You’ve been thinking of upgrading your phone for a while now, but you currently don’t have the means to. After months of pondering about it, you finally had the courage to purchase it! You now don’t have to worry if your phone will immediately die in the middle of the day.


6. When You Just Went Through A Breakup

Breakups are hard, no doubt. People have different ways of coping; some choose to be reclusive, while some choose to cry their sorrows out. If you’re neither of the two, then why not busy yourself by splurging on, who else, yourself! Go and have a date with yourself by going to the salon and eat some of the most scrumptious dishes.


7. When It’s Payday Friday

Nothing’s sweeter than getting your sweldo after weeks of hard work! You know you deserve to treat yourself, so go ahead and buy those shoes! As long as you can afford it, then we don’t see any problem with that!


8. When You’re in Need of A Wardrobe Change

Seasons change, and so should your wardrobe! A wardrobe change is a must if you’ve been wearing clothes that could be mistaken for a ten-year old. You know you badly need that blazer, so go ahead buy it!


And all those time you feel like you deserve to splurge to make yourself feel happy and satisfied, there’s nothing more essential than our trusty credit card!


Sure, we love using our credit card when shopping, but who knew that you actually have a chance to fly for free when you splurge? With CEB GetGo Credit Card, you’re not only splurging on the things you like, but you’ll also get to earn GetGo Points for all your spending with the lowest earn rate of P30= 1 GetGo point!  So the more you spend, the more bonus points you get!  How’s that for an added bonus in splurging on the things that you deserve?

What’s more exciting is that principal new-to-bank card applicants get 8,000 GetGo Points when they apply for a CEB GetGo Credit Card      until August 31, 2018    with a single/ accumulated retail spend of P20,000.  That’s already an instant round trip fare to select Cebu Pacific Domestic destinations!

 It gets even better as you also receive a bonus promo code that takes 8, 000 points off your next flight booking when you spend another P20, 000 using your newly approved CEB GetGo Platinum Credit Card!

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