8 Tips to Decorate Small Spaces

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8 Tips to Decorate Small Spaces

What to do with that box you call home.

| October 3, 2017

Bright lights

Sometimes lighting is the visual effect that we need to correctly illuminate the space and give it a homey, relaxing glow. With the fortunate invention of LED lights, electricity bills have become less of a worry. You also do not need to occupy precious floor space with standing lamps because hardware and furniture stores now have so many different varieties of wall scones, hanging ceiling lights, and even mini-chandeliers if fancy is your preference. Learn the differences between warm whites and soft yellow lights too so you can carefully plan the areas in your space according to their purpose.


Leave no dead spaces

Awkward cuts and ill-placed columns can really challenge your interior design perspectives. Thankfully, there are geniuses out there who were experiencing the same things and decided to invent solutions for it. Get your fix of over the door hangers, corner shelves, gap-filling desks, and under the stairs storages to make sure every square inch of your space has an ROI.


Floor to ceiling windows & draperies

Full-length windows and curtains create the illusion of a bigger space because they do not visually cut your wall into sections. In the right colors suited to your theme, they will create an elegant backdrop, allowing your centrepiece items to standout. Besides, don’t they look grand and hotel-esque?


Smart storage

Lastly, for the impulsive shoppers and the sentimental hoarders out there, we get how hard it is to part with your treasured mementos. Regardless, for your tiny space, you might not be able to display them all, so let’s go for the next best thing – smart storages. Every space can be made more efficient with the right tools. From expandable racks to sliding drawers, or even a new way of folding up your clothes – there’s a solution out there outfitted for you so you can turn your tiny home to a paradise.


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