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8 Truths About Dating a Writer

Sometimes, they do have a since of you more.

| April 13, 2018

You should never, ever joke about their work

Writers will always try to hide the fact that they’re sensitive because they know that when they let their walls down, they’re possibly setting themselves up to have their egos permanently bruised. It takes a great amount of love and trust for them to be able to share their work to you, and the worst thing you could possibly do is to joke about how bad it is or point out things you find disagreeable in an unconstructive manner. 

When a deadline’s coming, you don’t exist

Respect the fact that they’re going to need to channel all their focus and energy in the last remaining time they have to finish their work, and they can’t handle any distraction from outside forces — including you. 

They’re always game to try new experiences

One thing you’ll love about dating a writer is that they always have an open mind. Adventure may not be in their best interest, but they’re always curious to try new things for the sole reason that it could be great material for their work. Expect them to, most often than not, be game to explore new places and try new experiences. Inspiration is out there, after all!

They’ll either say everything at once, or nothing at all

At one point, you have to accept that sometimes writers can’t always say what’s on their mind as eloquently as they can when writing them down. They can jump from speaking out all at once to saying nothing at all, keeping their thoughts inside their head because they’re not sure how to word it out or whether you’ll understand their point of view. Stay patient, and don’t let them crumble under the weight of their thoughts.


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