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8 Underarm Products You’d Definitely Want to Buy for Picture-Ready Armpits Like Celebs

So you won’t feel dyahe to wear sleeveless anymore!

| April 26, 2017

Underarm Whitening Lotion

This skin lightening lotion claims to moisturize rough pores and bumpy skin. An added bonus: it helps slow down hair growth so you can lessen the shaving and the plucking. You can also use it to lighten the skin in your back, bust, and bikini area. (From Shills, P699, Available in BeautyMNL)


Glutathione Whitening Deodorant Roll-on

The packaging may seem a bit too plain but this dermatologist formulated deo roll-on with glutathione is a must-try. Unlike other roll-ons, you don’t have to wait to dry it out before putting your clothes on. (From Flawless Beauty and Skin, P499, Available in


Total White Underarm Cream

If you’re not into roll-ons, you can try using a deodorant with a cream-based formula. This product evens out the skin tone in the armpit area and is designed to smoothen chicken skin. It has active whitening ingredients and you’ll definitely love the scent. (From Malissa Kiss, P485, Available in BeautyMNL)


Whitening Underarm Cream

Its organic, nutrient-rich formula is especially made for thin and delicate underarm skin. The cream is in mustard color but don’t worry as it won’t leave stain on your clothes.  (From Zenutrients, P240, Available in BeautyMNL)


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