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8 Ways “Impossible” Lived Up to the Claim of Best Magic Show On Earth

That disappearing trick could really come in handy.

| January 7, 2018

4. The Wheel of Death.

Did we mention that yet? Because Bello Nock’s finale needs to be seen live to be fully appreciated.


3. Magic as a story.

Ultimately, magic is all about the story. That thing we tell other people when something unbelievable happens right before our eyes. Ben Hart, one of the finest sleight of hand artists of all time, was all too eager to tell us the story he heard from his grandfather in India – and how it shaped him and his magic career.


2. The Transported Man!

Remember that mind-blowing magic trick from “The Prestige?” Well, let’s just say that Impossible found a way to take that very feat to the next level. We’re still scratching our heads over that one.


1, Chris Cox, mind reader.

No doubt, our favorite performer of the night was the quirky, nerdy, but completely disarming Chris Cox, who made predictions we could not have figured out in a million years, and answered questions he had no way of knowing – including questions the audience never even wrote down. Considering how many magicians and even fellow mentalists were in attendance, Chris Cox’s performance was a tour de force on how mentalism should be.


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