8 Ways the Las Vegas Shooting United the World Amidst Dark Tragedy


8 Ways the Las Vegas Shooting United the World Amidst Dark Tragedy

Hope for humanity.

| October 9, 2017

5. Everybody helped in any way they can

It isn’t just the people using their bodies as human shields to protect others from bullets; it’s also doing something to help after. Many uninjured people went back to help others escape and to help carry the injured ones. Those with cars also converted their vehicles to makeshift ambulances carrying the injured and helping others flee.

On social media, people were posting about praying for the city and helping those people who got separated with their companions. It’s not just all about themselves, it’s helping one another.


6. Celebrities and personalities come together

This isn’t the first time that a tragedy happened at a concert where everybody is supposed to be just having fun and celebrating. The recent bombing that happened at Ariana Grande’s concert also brought the world together to show their love for everybody albeit through social media. This time, celebrities and personalities expressed their sympathy and anger at what’s happened.


7. The Reaction of the Government

President Trump acknowledged the shooting by saying that it was an “act of pure evil” done by “a sick man, a demented man.” On Monday, the President and his wife led a moment of silence at the White House South Lawn for the victims of the shooting.

Amidst all the calls for the government to ban guns in the country, President Trump stays quiet about it only saying that he will “look at gun laws as time goes by.” Time really passed by the 58 innocent people at the shooting, isn’t that enough of a prompt to look at gun laws?


8. #PrayForVegas

Message shared on Charleston Billboards via ABC News 4

Netizens worldwide were mortified, paralyzed, and tweeting support as the gruesome events unfolded. All they could do was wait for the news and pray for the victims and the survivors. The hashtag #PrayForVegas trended worldwide as more and more people expressed their grief and sympathized with Las Vegas for the senseless act it has suffered.

In a few weeks time, this will all be forgotten and people will move on the next thing that entertains them or, heaven forbid, the next ghastly event that will occur. But we should never let the negative side of this shooting pin us down in hopelessness that this world will forever be dark. Unite in condemning these barbaric acts and plead for better laws to protect humans then maybe, just maybe, we stand a chance at a brighter future.


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