An Easy Guide to Spring Cleaning

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An Easy Guide to Spring Cleaning

Linis linis din pag may time.

| June 6, 2018

Print out a cheat sheet for cleaning every room, furniture, and item

There are plenty of cheat sheets you can find and print out from the web which will be useful when you actually start making a habit to clean your home frequently. It isn’t an annual affair, after all! Display this cheat sheet somewhere you can always see it, like near your wall calendar or at the front pages of your planner, so you’d be reminded of when it’s the right time to clean which.

For example, microwaves should be cleaned every week, bed linens laundered biweekly, and pillows washed every three months.

Check this article from Good Housekeeping, this article from Apartment Therapy and this article from My Domaine for comprehensive lists and printable guides!


Invest in good cleaning materials

Believe it or not, having a collection of high-quality and/or stylishly pleasing cleaning tools can motivate you more to start your cleaning duties. Just a couple of things you should invest on: a powerful lightweight vacuum, microfiber cloths, a mop, dusters for fans, shelves, and window blinds, furniture polish, gentle dishwashing soap, and so much more.


Work from the top, down

Always clean the ceiling first — the light fixtures, fans, and corners — before cleaning the windows and dusting the doors, cabinets, and tables, and then end by mopping or vacuuming the floor.


Do it all at once, if you can

Tidying up requires commitment to finish all you can in a day. Don’t limit your time for it. If you make yourself clean just for an hour every other day, then you’ll eventually feel like your decluttering isn’t leading anywhere at all. Instead, you’ll be accumulating clutter faster than you’re getting rid of them. Stay focused, take breaks, but don’t give up! Spring cleaning may not be a fun thing to do, but the fulfillment that follows after seeing your hard work can’t compare to anything else.


Got any more spring cleaning tips to share? Sound off below!