8 Reasons “Annabelle: The Creation” is About Stupid People Making Stupid Choices

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8 Reasons “Annabelle: The Creation” is About Stupid People Making Stupid Choices

Anabelle Rama is scarier.

| September 4, 2017

4. Hearing a creepy song should be a sign to run, not to approach the source of the song.

What is it with these horror films doing everything they can to make classic, mundane old-timey songs turn creepy by virtue of the horror flick attached with them? From “Tiptoe to the Tulips” (Insidious) to “Open Up Your Heart and Let the Sunshine In” (The Autopsy of Jane Doe) to “You Are My Sunshine” for this film, it should be common knowledge to everyone by now that the creepy radio with the creepy song playing from out of nowhere is never where you want to be.


3. Why even invite obviously nosy girls to an orphanage in your house of horrors in the first place?!?

Gee, Mr. Mullins, did you ever think that your demon home should be the last place you would invite precocious orphan girls to live in? No? Par for the course for this movie, then.


2. Doing that one thing once? Bad enough. Doing it again? Ugh.

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Not only do these stupid people make stupid decisions all around, but they do it repeatedly, as demonstrated by our plucky lead Julie, going inside the creepy room with the creepy doll. Again. Because the first time clearly wasn’t warning enough.


1. The dumbest decision by the dumbest person has to be…

… mine, because I willingly ponied up the money to buy a ticket to watch this dreck. Please don’t make the same mistake I did, unless you really want to see the film since you’ve been sucked in by the previous installments already. By then, you’re too far gone.


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