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8 Diet-Delivery Services with the Best-Tasting Healthy Meals

These services have your diet needs covered.

| January 14, 2016

Diet DeliveryB8 Diet-Delivery Services with the Best-Tasting Healthy Meals



Cooking isn’t for everyone–that’s for sure. That’s fine except cooking your own food is the cheapest and surest way to eat healthier. If you’re part of the population who’s never opened a stove, don’t worry. Even when faced by the ubiquitous temptation of junk food, you can definitely still stick to your healthier-eating-resolution.

Fortify your will for resisting the temptation to binge on junk and arm yourself with these diet-delivery meals. These awesome services put the convenience, nutrition and flavor in everyday meals, so you don’t ever have to stress about what you’re going to eat for the day or week.

8. Paleo Manila

8 Diet Delivery

0917 777 7657, 0917 841 0825 | Website | Facebook Page

Sample Menu: Breakfast–Malagos dark chocolate French toast, Snack 1–cantaloupe fruit bowl, Lunch–sticky n’ tangy lionhead meatballs with garlic bokchoy, Snack 2–peking duck bites, Dinner–poisson en papillote with roasted Napa cabbage and French vinaigrette

Calorie Content: 1200 calories per day

Price: P3750 for five days

Delivery: Anywhere in Manila

7. Diet Diva

7 Diet Delivery

0917 703 3482 | Website | Facebook Page

Sample Menu: Breakfast–peanut butter banana wheat sandwich and tea, Lunch–grilled pork loin with sweet potato hash, Snack–oatmeal raisin cookie, Dinner–bangus steak with garlic, vegetables and red rice

Calorie Content: 1200 calories per day

Price: P1900 for five days

Delivery: Quezon City (selected locations), San Juan (selected locations), Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, Makati, BGC (additional P20 per day), Marcos Highway (additional P20 per day)

6. The Happy Diet Inc.

6 Diet Delivery

0917 551 2808 | Facebook Page

Sample Menu: Breakfast–mackerel pandesal, Snack–papaya, Lunch–hoisin chicken, Dinner–beef stroganoff

Calorie Content: 1200 calories per day

Price: P1800 for five days

Delivery: Metro Manila

5. Lunchbox Diet

5 Diet Delivery

0917 809 3196 | Website | Facebook Page

Menu Sample: Breakfast–chicken adobo sandwich, Lunch–fish cake patty and red rice, Dinner–pork hui garo rou and red rice, Snack–kiwi and special bread

Calorie Content: Choose from 1200, 1500, 1800 or 2000 calories per day

Price: P640 per day for 1200 calories, P700 per day for 1500 calories, P760 per day for 1800 calories, P800 per day for 2000 calories

Delivery: Find exact locations here.