The Essential Guide to Buendia Food by the Court

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The Essential Guide to Buendia Food by the Court

Biyaheng Buendia weekend.

| March 18, 2017

4. Brother’s Blends

Who here needs a cup of java after a hearty meal? Head on over to Brother’s Blends for coffee that’s made with beans from local farms. Don’t leave without trying the Aeropress Barako Brew. Healthy-eaters (or rather, drinkers) will be glad to know that they also serve cold pressed juices and smoothies.

And for wholesome dessert, order the instagenic Ice Cream in a Coconut Shell. It’s made with coconut milk and guyabano, and then topped with fruits, coconut meat and peanuts.


3. Barrel Smoker

When it comes to flavorful, fork-tender meat, there really aren’t any shortcuts. Barrel Smoker understands that, which is why they smoke-grill their protein for at least five hours. You’ll taste the difference in the Smoked Peri-Peri Chicken and Smoked Riblets. Both come with yummy turmeric rice.


2. Bakmi Nyonya

Care for some authentic, flavor-packed, Indonesian grub? If you’re not so familiar with the cuisine, Bakmi Nyonya’s Indonesian cook slash co-owner will gladly educate and help you with your pick. You can’t go wrong with the Sate, which comes in pork and chicken, the Indonesian Fried Chicken and Nasi Goreng. Lovers of spicy and gata-based food will also swoon with the Beef Rendang.


1. Goto Pinoy

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Some days, especially on rainy ones, the goto cravings surface really strong. For those times, thank goodness for Goto Pinoy! For only 100 bucks, you get a huge, hearty bowl of goto goodness. There are exciting variations to choose from, but for ultimate comfort, go for the Gotong Chicken Skin.

Want something sweet? Be adventurous, and order the Champorado with Bacon that also comes with Choc-Nut, Cream-O and powdered milk.


Which of these stalls is first on your pig-out list? Sound off below!