The Next Generation: 8 Children of Pinoy Celebrities To Watch Out For

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The Next Generation: 8 Children of Pinoy Celebrities To Watch Out For

You next dreamboat is somewhere here.

| February 21, 2017

Angelina Cruz Montano

Angelina Cruz has always wanted to join showbiz, but as the daughter of celebrities (Sunshine Cruz and Cesar Montano), her parents knew how hard it is to juggle showbiz career and studies. So when she finally decided to pursue her dreams, her mom made her sign an agreement stating that she’ll prioritize her studies or else she’ll have to quit showbiz. She’s now starting as a recording artist, so watch out for this new breakout star.


Claudia Barretto

This younger Barretto may not have pursued acting (yet), but she has graced a number of magazine covers.  She’s athletic, fashionable, and she loves singing. We can’t wait to see her own the ASAP stage one day!


Race Matias

Race Matias is the eldest son of Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista. And hear this: he wants to enter showbiz (YASSS!). But aside from his looks that is definitely lead role-worthy, he is also an award-winning filmmaker. His short films even wowed the international audience and won a gold award from the New York Independent Film Festival (NYIFF) and six nominations from other foreign film festivals. This guy is such a catch!


Raphael Rogoff

Cheri Gil and his ex-husband, Roni Rogoff  have great genes; we can’t get enough of their handsome son, Raphael, who looks like he can be one of the country’s roster of hottest hunks. But as much as we’d love to see his dashing face on  TV, he just started his first year of college at New York University, so maybe we’ll have to wait a few more years. Someone please convince him to start a career here after he graduates!


Any celeb son/daughter that has flew off our radar? Sound off in the comments below!