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8 Classic Dramas That Triggered Our Koreanovela Craze

For the certified (K)drama queens and kings

| March 14, 2017

Princess Hours

If there is an award for the most re-aired Korean drama, Princess Hours would most likely win it. It’s truly addictive, and we can’t get enough of  the couple’s powerful chemistry. Not convinced? Try not to scream whenever they do a little skinship. This story about young love between  royalties  made us want to believe in  fairytales once more.


Coffee Prince

If you’ve just watched Goblin and instantly fell in love with Gong Yoo, you might want to revisit his younger days  in the timeless classic, Coffee Prince. Girls disguising as men was a rom-com delight back then, and this one definitely started that craze. Laugh, cry, and fall in love once more with every Kdrama fan’s first love and perfect guy, Choi Han Kyul.


Lovers in Paris

Lovers in Paris is just like your first childhood love; full of wonderful memories and sweet nostalgia. It’s one of the first Kdramas that warmed our hearts, and it just proved that we’re suckers for Cinderella-ish love stories. Remember when a lot of women suddenly wanted to be like Tae Young? Or when everyone went into a second lead syndrome with Soo Hyun? Watch this again and relive  those  sweet memories.


Winter Sonata

You probably have a cast-iron heart if you didn’t cry—at least once—while watching this classic series. Because hell, we did feel our hearts being torn apart with the sad love triangle story, not to mention the melodramatic soundtrack. Aside from forever reminding us of Nami Island, Winter Sonata has some of the most beautiful quotes in Korean dramas that will always stay with us.


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