We Watched These Cooking Shows and We Still Don’t Know How to Boil an Egg

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We Watched These Cooking Shows and We Still Don’t Know How to Boil an Egg

Had us hooked, still can’t cook.

| November 21, 2016

We Watched These Cooking Shows and We Still Don’t Know How to Boil an Egg

By Mike Diez


Cooking shows are a welcome break for us guys in-between NBA schedules and UFC fights. Might be a great idea for us to cook up a little sumthing-sumthing for the missus just to make up for the times when we forget we’re living with another person whenever GSW or the Lakers are on.
What’s puzzling though is how, after years of loyally viewing these shows, we still don’t know how to open our gas stoves. Help?

8. French Food at Home


I have no idea what would qualify food to be French, but whenever ladies want to get romantic, the word “French” always crops up. Knowing this, I would watch this show religiously. It’s strangely soothing and pleasant. Still, all those hours logged in viewing this show and I still don’t know why red wine should go to the pan instead of my belly.


7. Hemsley and Hemsley


All those beer and chips I’ve consumed watching sports on the television made me want to start eating healthy. Good thing there’s this show. The food looks unappetizing sometimes, but that could just be my salt-biased tongue talking. Anyway, this is a relatively new cooking show so I give myself some time before I learn anything.


6. New Scandinavian Cooking


What could be better than seeing a cooking show set amidst the beautiful Norwegian landscape? The food prepared is usually rustic—and I can completely get on with rustic. This show would have been great, but the guy hosting it now just cannot hold my interest for long.


5. Mexican Made Easy


Mexican dishes are somewhat familiar, as they share almost the same DNA as Pinoy cooking. This one should be easy, right? Wrong. As with the rest on this list, I can’t seem to make heads or tails of snouts and patas, despite staring at the screen for about 45 minutes or so.