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The 8 Fascinating Stops of the Ermita-Malate Walking Tour

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| August 4, 2017

Gallery Deus

It used to be that Ermita and Malate were littered with antique shops and art stores. Those days are long gone. However, there are still a few remaining like Gallery Deus along Padre Faura Street. It sells religious antiques, tribal artworks, heirloom jewelry, and other interesting finds. Bring adequate cash on this walking tour because there will surely be pieces that you will fall in love with.


Manila Bay Sunset

You’ll make it here just in time to witness the famous sunset of Manila Bay. However, be careful with your stuff; don’t get overly engrossed in the breathtaking nature show.


Malate Catholic Church in the parish of Our Lady of Remedies (Nuestra Senora de los Remedios)

You’ll be at the Malate Catholic Church in the parish of Our Lady of Remedies (Nuestra Senora de los Remedios) by sundown. The Baroque-style church was built in 1588 and is located right in front of Plaza Rajah Sulayman. The statue that came from Spain in 1624 still stands at the altar.


Sofrito and Dakota Cabin Café Bar and Bistro

Finally, the food and beers. We went to several places for this, namely: Sofrito, Hizons Cakes and Pastries, Tap Station, Dakota Cabin Café Bar and Bistro, and Advocafe. We were always so full on this journey that we could barely walk. (Yes, it was a walking-eating-shopping tour.) Admittedly, it was also because of the long distances. Aside from dining and drinking, you may also want to pick up some specialty items like a bottle of the Hibiscus drink or a bag of indigenous coffee from Advocafe, or a box of ensaymada from Hizon’s. So, bring a roomy bag and enough money for shopping as well.


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