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The Funniest Sentiments of Liquid Seasoning Addicts

Pure wizardry.

| November 26, 2017

The Funniest Sentiments

of Liquid Seasoning Addicts

By 8List

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We love our liquid seasoning. It’s nearly unthinkable how eating would be like without it. And we would go to great lengths just to make sure we have it on standby whenever, wherever.

And as far as liquid seasonings go, Knorr Liquid Season is the King. We’re absolutely nuts about it. We scoured our social media feeds to see how much people love this gold in a bottle. (In fact, we’re glad to know we’re not the weirdest out there) :


In Case of Emergency

You never know who’s going to take you where. (We do that, too.)


Forever Young

She could be on to something.



We thank the heavens too.


Who Run the World

In case of emergency.