How Much of a Love Addict Are You?

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How Much of a Love Addict Are You?

Because hindi lang saging ang may puso.

| February 14, 2017

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It is perfectly normal to have a desire to love and be loved. But, as the saying goes, too much of anything can be lethal. Yes, that includes love. Here we help you out in properly diagnosing how much of a love addict you are.


1. You, when you’re alone and bored

2. You at the Bar

3. Your Pak and Ganern during break-up

4. You pag nandyan si crush

6. Pick a Movie

  • A.  A Dog’s Purpose
  • B.  Beauty and the Beast
  • C.  Fifty Shades
  • D.  Wonder Woman

7. Your DP in Dating Apps

8. In a dating app, you’re looking for…

  • A. Serious relationship
  • B. Friendly Date
  • C. Fun
  • D. I don’t use dating apps

9. You when you’re in love

10. Pick a word that best describes your partner/crush

  • A. Everything
  • B. Dream
  • C. Desire
  • D. Normal