#HowDoILeave: 8 Work Leaves in Other Countries We Wish We Have

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#HowDoILeave: 8 Work Leaves in Other Countries We Wish We Have

Tao lang po.

| March 8, 2017

Startup business leave

Sweden just took entitlement up a notch. It gives its employees the right to take up to six months leave of absence to start their own company, as long as it is not a competitor. But, of course, you can only do it once per employer. Your company cannot be an incubator for your startup ideas forever.


Job alternation leave

Have you heard about a leave that addresses unemployment as well? In Finland, Finn employees can take 100 to 180 days of leave for any personal reason (studies, health, personal, etc.). He or she will then be substituted by an unemployed Finn for a fixed term employment, receiving due compensation.


Additional annual leave

As we grow old, we need more rest than we think. Hungary has the same idea when it implemented work leave that increases with age. For example, up to the age of 25, Hungarians receive the basic entitlement of 20 days of paid leave. This increases every year until the age of 45, when an employee is entitled to 30 days of paid absence.


 Congratulation leave

Finally, as your work has become part of your life, it might as well be part of everything in it. Japan has a common practice of letting employees take the day off as a way of saying congratulations on a momentous occasion, like birth of a child for a father or commencement of their marriage.

Knowing how Filipinos like to celebrate achievements, just think how many leaves  we can  earn if congratulation leave becomes available in the country.


Which one of these would you like to have? Tell us about it below!