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If You Think the Larry-Jenny Drama was Intense, Wait Until You See These Couples

As if love was not complicated enough.

| April 13, 2018

David and Annie

The couple met at a bar in Thailand, where David was living at the time. David doesn’t have enough money to pay Annie’s dowry, so he asked his best friend for some help. Adding to the couple’s problem is David’s drinking problem, which makes Annie uncomfortable.


Danielle and Mohamed

Meeting each other in an online chat room, Danielle and Mohamed soon became engaged, with Mohamed moving to Ohio. Probably because of their age difference (Danielle is 41 and Mohamed is 27), problems with intimacy became an issue between them.


Narkyia and Olulowo

The couple met in a group on social media for overweight women. Narkyia and Olulowo’s relationship started on shaky ground; Narkyia found out that she got catfished by Olulowo and lied about important things in his life (telling her that his baby mama was dead when in fact, she’s very much alive).


Chantel and Pedro

The couple met in the Dominican Republic while Chantel was on a trip. The couple married in the United States and are living a very modest life. Now that Pedro is living abroad, his family expects him to support their needs full time, paying for their extravagant apartment and sending them gifts from time to time. So Pinoy.


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