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K-Fan Essentials and Where to Find Them

Get your K on!

| January 4, 2018

5. Candy Sky


Koreans are huge on technology, and more so the kyeopta selfies and finger Korean heart that adorn their selcas. So make sure your phone is camera ready at all times! It’s part of the overall selca aesthetic, too. Dress them up in these K-pop themed phone cases from Candy Sky.


6. Style Nanda


For everything K-style, shop at Style Nanda. More than skincare essentials and makeup, the brand goes as far as selling you pouches, tote bags, and more, to store your entire beauty haul, alongside K-fashion staples that are sold on the website, too!


7. Fan Girl Asia


Here’s where you can get updates on upcoming concerts and ticket sales in the Philippines. But the best part is, K-pop albums and fan merchandise, such as light sticks and banners are also sold here. It’s a full-on haven for K-fans!

8. Ala Mode Bags


Koreans are known for their kyeopta bags, too. It’s always small in size and accessorized with keychains, tags, and pins to add personality. From sling bags to backpacks, here’s where you can find the accessories to complete your look with.
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