8 Cult Korean Beauty Products to Upgrade Your Skincare Routine

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8 Cult Korean Beauty Products to Upgrade Your Skincare Routine

Ma-beauty naman po!

| March 18, 2017

INNISFREE: Green Tea Seed Serum

With its high concentration of active ingredients and smaller molecules penetrating deep into pores, serums are like vitamins for the skin. And if you don’t have one in your skincare yet, this globally awarded serum would be an awesome addition to your routine.

This serum uses Jeju fresh green tea and green tea seeds to moisturize and nourish your skin. You’ll be hydrated from within, which also means your face will be moisturized for much longer.


BELIF: The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb

Dry-skinned gals, look no further. Here’s a bombtastic way to hydrate your skin for get this—26 freaking hours! That’s a truth bomb you’ll have to verify for yourself, but you’re likely to be very satisfied.

Belif uses comfrey leaves, a powerful hydrating agent, to give a flood of moisture deep into your skin that’s absorbed completely without stickiness. All you’ll be left with is dewy, smooth and nourished skin.


MIZON: Snail Recovery Gel Cream

After you get over the image of crawling snails, focus on the fact that snail secretions filtrate is amazing at repairing skin. It reduces acne scarring, dark spots and fine lines.

This gel cream has a lightweight consistency that is easily absorbed by the skin, which makes it a great moisturizer for humid days or the summer season. This multi-function formula doubles as a primer, too.


LANEIGE: Water Sleeping Pack Ex

Make your sweet slumber more fruitful with Laneige’s brightening and hydrating sleeping mask. This skin treatment will restore, enrich and strengthen your skin while you sleep. Dubbed as an overnight miracle, look forward to waking up with incredibly nourished skin.


Any other cult-Korean beauty products we need to try? Sound off below!